Shannondale is driven by a steadfast mission to enhance the lives of our residents. We are dedicated to providing an enriching lifestyle that transcends the ordinary, where residents can bask in physical, spiritual, and social abundance. Shannondale seeks to empower its residents, helping them embark on an exciting journey where the golden years truly shine.

Our mission is to provide an enriching retirement lifestyle where residents experience physical, spiritual, and social abundance within the vibrant community.


Our vision for Shannondale is to craft a dynamic and vibrant living atmosphere. We aspire to create a warm and welcoming community where residents can cultivate meaningful friendships, engage in stimulating activities, and embrace a wellness-focused life. At Shannondale, we envision a future where every resident experiences a healthy, active lifestyle that aligns with their unique needs and aspirations. We aim to be the bridge that connects the present with the future, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.

To create a vibrant living atmosphere where residents can foster friendships and experience a healthy, active, wellness-focused life.


At Shannondale, our core values are the guiding principles that shape every facet of our senior living community. We are bound by the values of Care, Respect, Community, Quality, and Wellness. Care underscores our commitment to providing compassionate and attentive support to every resident. Respect is the cornerstone of our interactions, where dignity and understanding are upheld. Community is not just a word but a lived reality, where we build connections and a sense of belonging. Quality is the standard we uphold in all services we offer. Physical and emotional wellness is a priority, ensuring every resident experiences a life of vibrancy and fulfillment. These values are the foundation upon which Shannondale thrives and we are unwavering in our dedication to upholding them.

Care, Respect, Community, Quality, Wellness.