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May 8, 2024

When you imagine senior living, it can be easy to picture something that is cold and impersonal. There may even be confusion about who needs assisted living in the first place, which is why you haven’t considered it for yourself or a loved one. But what if we told you assisted living is a vibrant experience for more people than you realize? At Shannondale we offer quality assisted living in Knoxville and Maryville, TN. 

Assisted Living at Shannondale

At Shannondale, we are actively taking part in the growing demand for assisted living by offering customized services to each of our residents. Our communities provide quiet, peaceful environments, where you can receive the personal and medical assistance you may need, while still maintaining a pleasant and socially engaging lifestyle. We offer a fine balance of care and independence to our residents, so you can live an independent lifestyle with all the amenities needed to make life as easy and carefree as possible.

What is Assisted Living?

In order to fully understand where you or a loved one may fit in an assisted living context, it is important to understand what assisted living is. Assisted living is a level of care that gives residents access to assistance with ADLs or Activities of Daily Living. These activities range from assistance with bathing and dressing to mobility assistance such as transferring. Every person is different, and we understand that means your needs will be unique to you. That’s why we have an excellent nursing team available to our residents at all times to help with whatever it is you need. Also, each bedroom and bathroom is equipped with a medical call system, should a medical need arise. So whether you need help getting around or require more involved care, you have a place at Shannondale.

Learn if assisted living is right for you or your loved one here!

Our Vibrant Way of Living

Although our residents have access to excellent care, we don’t stop there. We believe in creating a vibrant, holistic living experience. Our amenities include excellent fitness programs and a variety of social activities, as well as communal areas like our indoor pool with a jacuzzi, and pool tables. In our communities, we provide three delicious meals served each day in the beautiful dining rooms and weekly housekeeping is offered so you can spend time pursuing hobbies or visiting with friends. A full calendar of wellness and social activities is provided by the experienced staff so you can design your own day. Fostering an environment that promotes physical exercise and social interaction is key to our vibrant assisted living experience. We also take pride in our campuses by maintaining a beautiful environment for our residents. In fact, our Shannondale of Knoxville campus recently renovated their assisted living space.


Our way of assisted living also includes amenities that are designed to help centralize care and remove the burden of transportation. We include a variety of amenities that are on-site to help make your care more centralized. Within our assisted living communities, you’ll find on-site pharmacies, dental and podiatry services, as well as physical, occupational, speech, and music therapies. We also provide a beauty salon and barber shops with professional stylists to ensure our residents have access to grooming services to promote hygiene and overall quality of life. Our approach is a perfect blend of care and comfort for our residents to enjoy.

While it is our mission to provide the best assisted living services, we also understand that life can change for our residents. Sometimes this means a need for services such as skilled nursing. With Shannondale’s continuum of care model, residents can easily transition between our skilled nursing and assisted living buildings if an increased level of medical care is needed. 

When is the Right Time to Start Assisted Living?

Identifying the right moment for assisted living involves observing nuanced signs, such as challenges in completing daily tasks, feelings of loneliness due to social isolation, and an escalating need for supervision. These subtle shifts often signal that assisted living could provide not just practical assistance but also a sense of belonging and security. By acknowledging these cues, individuals and families can navigate the transition to assisted living with confidence, knowing it offers a supportive environment tailored to their evolving needs. 

Learn more about if it may be time for assisted living here.

Interior of Assisted Living bedroom

Assisted living at Shannondale offers more than just quality care; it is a vibrant lifestyle tailored to each resident's unique needs. With a focus on personalized assistance, engaging activities, and a supportive community, we strive to create an environment where residents can thrive and enjoy life to the fullest. Whether it's assistance with daily tasks, social interaction, or access to medical services, our commitment to excellence ensures that residents receive the care and support they deserve. So when the time comes to consider assisted living, know that Shannondale is here to provide a warm and welcoming home where seniors can embrace a vibrant way of living. Contact us today to learn more.

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