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July 7, 2023

Steps Taken to Add Elected Residents Leaders to The Board of Directors

During the last two weeks in June a total of eight resident town hall meetings were held to brief residents, family members and individuals on the community waiting lists for independent living units about current developments at Shannondale. It is estimated that well over 90% of current residents attended. Over 30 waiting list members also attended. Separate town hall meetings for just waiting list members at each campus will be organized and held in the next 10-14 days. Verbally and in written questions and comments many residents and their advisors strongly recommended that Resident Leaders be appointed to serve as full voting members of the Corporation’s Board of Directors.

In response to a strong consensus among residents at the town hall meetings, Suzy Garner Booker, Chair, Presbyterian Homes of Tennessee, Inc., Board of Directors, will place on the agenda of the Board of Directors, at its scheduled meeting on July 18, 2023, proposed amendments to the bylaws, that would require that the Chair, Buckingham Community Council (A Knoxville, Resident’s Council) and the Chair, Shannondale of Maryville Community Association (A Maryville, Resident’s Council) be appointed by position, as full voting members of the Board of Directors. Once approved by the full board, these amendments will ensure that an elected resident leader from each of the campuses will continuously serve on the Board of Directors of Presbyterian Homes of Tennessee, Inc.

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