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March 19, 2024

Moving your loved one into an assisted living community is a significant decision with many factors to consider. You may feel that now is the right time, but you want to ensure your decision is well-informed. That's why we're providing a list of considerations to make when deciding if it's time for assisted living for your aging parent.

Signs to Consider 

Every person is unique, which means there is no all-encompassing list to determine when it is and when it is not time for assisted living. However, the following considerations are common signs that point to the conclusion that it may be time to consider this helpful option. Shannondale recognizes the complexities of life with an aging parent and is proud to serve as a helpful option.

Difficulty Completing Day-to-Day tasks

A variety of factors can contribute to this broad concern. However, when an aging parent is showing signs of difficulty maintaining their day-to-day tasks, this may be a sign that independent living is no longer an option. This is an important factor to consider when deciding on assisted living. Shannondale offers assistance with daily tasks such as housekeeping and medication management to ensure your loved one remains on task.

Increased Need for Supervision

With an aging parent, you may begin to notice an increased need for check-ins or general supervision. This can often be associated with mobility. It is important to consider that a parent's home may not be suitable for them anymore. As a person ages, their living space has to evolve. Factors such as stairs and bathroom design are important considerations when thinking about where your aging parents will live

As it becomes more difficult to navigate their home, your parents, like many, may have an increased fall risk. This can mean home is no longer the safest place for them. Shannondale’s assisted living communities in Knoxville and Maryville are specially designed to promote mobility while offering supervision to ensure the safety and well-being of your aging parents.

Social Withdrawal

Socialization is an important part of all of our lives. However, as an aging parent becomes limited or ever housebound, it can negatively impact these integral social interactions. Due to their limitations, it can be difficult for your aging parent as they lose these social connections with friends or even family. Unfortunately, a decline in social interaction can negatively impact the ones you love. With a risk of loneliness and depression, social withdrawal may be a sign that it is time to step toward assisted living.  Shannondale provides a welcoming community of residents with a variety of opportunities to promote social engagement. 

Learn more about socialization and life at Shannondale.

Change in Regular Mood and Behavior 

Sudden changes in mood and behavior can also indicate that it is time to pursue assisted living. These changes may seem to have come out of nowhere, but there is often an underlying cause for such sudden shifts. Sudden, inexplicable changes like these may be signs of emotional or physical distress. Social withdrawal and isolation may also be contributors. As you interact with your loved ones, these sudden changes may take a toll on your experiences together and become tiresome for your aging parent. Shannondale offers stress-free living options for your aging parent to find rest and comfort and help regulate emotions.  

Chronic Health Conditions 

An important factor to consider is any chronic health conditions your aging parent may have. These conditions can play a role in your decision to move an aging parent into assisted living. Shannondale can offer assistance tailored to your aging parents and whatever medical considerations they may bring. With nurses and nursing assistants available 24/7 and emergency call buttons in every room and bathroom, Shannondale is prepared to care for residents.

Learn about life at Shannondale.

Caregiver Fatigue

In the process of caring for an aging parent, it can be difficult to remember to care for yourself. Often referred to as caregiver fatigue or caregiver burnout, you may find yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally drained. Though it can be hard to consider yourself while caregiving, caregiver fatigue can be a sign that it is time to utilize the help of assisted living. Seeking support from a senior living community ensures both you and your loved one receive proper care. With a trained, professional caregiver team, Shannondale is prepared to provide exceptional care for your aging parent, giving you the flexibility to care for yourself.

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