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April 24, 2024

When is the right time to start thinking about senior living? Although there isn’t a magic age for everyone to contemplate what’s next, it’s crucial to recognize that senior living for yourself or a loved one may arrive sooner than expected. That’s why having a plan in place beforehand is essential. At Shannondale, we believe that preparing for senior living is a wise decision, which is why we're offering these tips on how you can best prepare yourself.

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Entering Senior Living Prepared

Every person is unique, meaning their senior living experience will also be unique. However, with the right amount of preparation, we can help determine what our unique experience will look like. Taking the time to consider when and how you want to enter senior living will help you begin enjoying it to the fullest with peace of mind.

Choosing A Community

Choosing a community ultimately depends on the level of care you need, so it's important to understand your current needs and find a community that best meets them. At Shannondale, there are multiple options to choose from, including:

Assisted Living: This level of care is best suited for residents who require assistance with activities of daily living from medication management to assistance with mobility. With a trained nursing team just a call away, our residents can enjoy peace of mind while living in private apartments. Various signs indicate when it might be time for assisted living, which can help inform your senior living plan.

Apartment Living: The Lodge at Shannondale and Shannondale of Maryville Retirement Center offer additional services not typically found in traditional independent living communities. With Independent Living+, residents receive housekeeping services and have access to nursing on campus 24/7. This hybrid version of independent and assisted living is another way Shannondale tailor-fits their communities towards their residents' needs.

Independent Living: Independent living offers a more flexible style of senior living, meaning there are fewer considerations to make before transitioning. It's an ideal fit for those ready to move away from maintaining their own home and embrace a more carefree environment. This marks a great initial step in your senior living journey.

Skilled Nursing: A stay in skilled nursing is usually unplanned. However, it's important to know that Shannondale offers options to care for our residents in case of an unexpected incident or decline. Skilled nursing often follows assisted living, which is why we've made the transition between the two as seamless as possible.

All of these options are available within the Shannondale family of communities. We custom-tailor each community to our residents, providing everything they need and offering the flexibility to decide their senior living lifestyle.

Learn more about life at Shannondale.

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Financial Planning

Another vital aspect of creating a plan for senior living is financial planning. This could involve setting money aside and budgeting right now or simply understanding your financial options for the future. A common concern about senior living is affordability, making it wise to prepare in advance. Here are a few ways to start your financial planning for senior living.

Start Saving Now: The most effective way to start a financial plan for senior living is by saving what you can now. Having savings as you transition into senior living will alleviate the initial costs of moving and getting settled. Depending on the amount saved, you may even be able to cover monthly expenses with this fund.

Take Inventory: A long-term care strategy entails taking inventory of your assets and developing a plan for them. Organizing your assets provides you with the freedom to focus on transitioning into senior living without worrying about what to do with your home or other assets. This can be as simple as listing out what will happen to each asset. As you work through this process, you'll gain a better understanding of your financial situation in senior living.

Research Benefits: As you reside in senior living, you may qualify for financial assistance through state and federal benefits. Knowing all your options and how to access them when needed can be invaluable. It's worth investigating your state’s benefits for residents in assisted living or skilled nursing. Additionally, there are benefits specifically designed for Veterans and their spouses to afford senior care.

A solid financial plan can help navigate the bumps in the road as you transition into senior living, and there is no better time to start planning than now.

A Continuum Care Plan

When entering senior living, it's wise to plan ahead. That’s why Shannondale offers our continuum care plan. While you may be ready for independent living today, we understand that your needs may change. With continuum care, we ensure a seamless transition from independent living to assisted living. The same applies to our skilled nursing care. Our communities are tailored to meet your evolving needs, providing care that adapts with you. When considering senior living, it's essential to choose a provider that offers this level of continuous care.

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Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

Regardless of what your senior living journey will look like, it is important to ensure that you are not caught off guard. Prepare today for a smoother transition into senior living tomorrow. At Shannondale, we're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a stress-free journey into this new chapter of life. With your proactive planning and our continuum care plan, your future is secure with Shannondale.

Ready to begin planning your senior living experience? Let Shannondale be your guide. Explore our tailored communities and continuum care plan, ensuring a seamless transition at every step. Start planning today for a worry-free tomorrow. Contact us now to learn more and begin your next chapter with confidence.

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