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February 16, 2024

Defining Dementia Lecture Series – Knoxville and Maryville

We are delighted to share the success of our recent three-part series on Defining Dementia, presented by our very own Maryville Campus Director of Rehabilitation, Linda Lairamore. Each session saw an overwhelming turnout, with standing room only for residents and neighbors of the Shannondale Community.

The program did an exceptional job addressing the challenging aspects of dementia, opening our eyes as caregivers and loved ones. The series not only provided valuable insights but also served as an educational platform, reassuring everyone that they are not alone in their journey.

The engaging and informative presentations shed light on the complexities of dementia, offering practical guidance for caregivers and fostering a sense of community support. This series was a tremendous success.

If you missed any of the sessions or would like a recap, you can reach out to our Maryville or Knoxville campus for a copy of the presentation. Stay tuned for more opportunities to learn and connect within our community.

Shannondale resident meeting senior living CCRC Knoxville, TN and Maryville, TN independent and assisted living

Moving Promotion – Knoxville and Maryville

Deposit on a Shannondale of Maryville or Knoxville independent living or assisted living apartment and we will cover your moving expenses! Our trusted partner, Caring Senior Move, will handle the logistics, ensuring a seamless transition. We're committed to making your move as effortless as possible.

Free Moving Expenses: Shannondale will pay your moving expenses, capping the cost at $3,500. Say goodbye to the stress of moving logistics and focus on settling into your new home!

Expert Moving Team: Rest easy knowing that the experienced team from Caring Senior Move will manage your move with utmost care and professionalism.

Peace of Mind: Enjoy a worry-free move and embark on a new chapter in your life with confidence.

Move Special For Knoxville and Maryville Is Running Now Through March 31 - Act Now - Your Dream Home Awaits!

Assisted Living Update

We're proud to announce that the beautiful and newly updated Knoxville Assisted Living Community is filling up FAST! Newly renovated apartments and common rooms are ready for move in's and are leasing up quickly.

We'd love for you to come tour and see the updated community. Contact Ashley Cooper for more information or to schedule a tour.
Shannondale fireplace welcomes resident senior living CCRC Knoxville, TN and Maryville, TN independent and assisted living

5 Benefits of Assisted Living

Embarking on the journey of assisted living at Shannondale opens the door to a unique and enriching living environment. In the comfort of private apartments, residents find not just a home, but a caring partner within easy reach. Assisted Living is designed for those seeking support in daily tasks, from housekeeping and nutritious meals to healthcare and medication management. Our VIBRANT communities offer the perfect balance between personalized assistance and the independence to create one’s desired lifestyle freely. Here are just five of the many benefits found in assisted living at Shannondale.

Read the blog here:

Dining Update

The Shoppe - Shannondale's new retail location is coming soon! We are excited to begin breaking ground on our new retail locations. The Shoppe will offer a wide array of options to satisfy any taste.

Last but not least, our new menus are set to debut on March 4. These menus will be overseen by your own Executive Chef and tailored to your preferences.

Valentines Day

Creativity has been in full bloom at Shannondale Maryville and Knoxville. Residents have enjoyed working on Valentine's themed paper box crafts and making Valentines! 🎨✂️

Shannondale Valentine's festivities and activities for resident senior living CCRC Knoxville, TN and Maryville, TN independent and assisted living

Lifestyle and Wellness

Keeping Your Mind Sharp: Brain Games for Senior Cognitive Health

As we age, maintaining cognitive function becomes increasingly important. While some decline is natural, there are many steps we can take to keep our minds sharp and engaged. One enjoyable and accessible way to do this is through brain games.

Why Brain Games Work:

The human brain thrives on stimulation and novelty. Brain games provide both by challenging different cognitive skills like memory, attention, problem-solving, and critical thinking. This regular engagement can help:

  • Improve cognitive function: Studies have shown that brain games can lead to measurable improvements in memory, processing speed, and overall cognitive performance.
  • Reduce the risk of cognitive decline: Engaging in mentally stimulating activities like brain games may help delay the onset or progression of age-related cognitive decline.
  • Boost mood and well-being: The mental challenge and sense of accomplishment from brain games can be enjoyable and contribute to a positive outlook and overall well-being.

Brain Games for Seniors:

The good news is, there are countless brain games available, catering to different preferences and skill levels. Here are a few options to get you started.

Classic brain teasers:

  • Crosswords and Sudoku: These classic puzzles engage memory, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.
  • Jigsaw puzzles: Completing puzzles stimulates spatial reasoning and visual processing.
  • Word games: Scrabble, Boggle, and other word games keep vocabulary sharp and improve spelling and problem-solving.

Digital brain training:

  • Lumosity: This popular app offers a variety of games targeting different cognitive skills.
  • Elevate: Developed by Google, Elevate offers brain training games with a sleek and modern interface.
  • BrainHQ: This program uses adaptive games to personalize the training experience based on your individual performance.

Board games and social activities:

  • Chess, checkers, R. L. C. and dominos: These games require strategic thinking and planning, keeping your mind sharp.
  • Bridge, Hand & Foot, and other card games: Card games require memory, attention, and quick thinking, making them excellent brain exercise.
  • Board games like Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit: These social games keep the mind active while offering the enjoyment of interacting with others.
  • Words in a Word: This game challenges you to find as many smaller words hidden within a larger word. It's a fun way to boost vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • Riddles: Riddles require creative thinking and problem-solving to deduce the answer. They can be enjoyed individually or as a group activity. Here's an example: "I have cities, but no houses; I have mountains, but no trees; I have water, but no fish; what am I?" (Answer: A map)
  • Brain boosters: Short, focused activities can also be effective brain training. Here are a few ideas:
  • Name as many countries as you can in 30 seconds.
  • Spell words backward.
  • Do simple math calculations in your head.
  • Listen to a song and try to remember the lyrics.

Beyond Games:

Remember, brain health extends beyond games. Consider incorporating other activities into your routine, such as:

  • Learning a new skill: Taking up a new language, instrument, or craft can provide a stimulating challenge.
  • Reading regularly: Exposing yourself to new ideas and stories keeps your mind active and engaged.
  • Engaging in social activities: Connecting with others through conversation, clubs, or hobbies provides mental and emotional stimulation.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and quality sleep are crucial for overall brain health.
  • The key is to find activities you enjoy and that challenge you intellectually.

Incorporating these activities into your daily life can be a fun and effective way to keep your mind sharp and engaged for years to come. Remember, it's never too late to start!

New Wellness Coordinator - Diana Vita, Maryville

As of early January, Shannondale of Maryville welcomed Diana Vita as our dedicated Wellness Coordinator, and each day since then has been a delightful adventure under her guidance.

Diana brings a wealth of expertise and a contagious enthusiasm to our wellness initiatives, infusing our community with a breath of fresh air. Her extensive background in physical wellness is proving to be a valuable asset, and we are genuinely thrilled about the positive impact she is already making.

New Wellness Coordinator - Diana Vita, Maryville

Sales Training

The Shannondale Administrators, Community Coordinators, and sales team had a wonderful training last week. The training and brand new sales playbook educated and equipped the Shannondale sales team with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively engage with potential residents and their families, guide them through the decision-making process, and ultimately facilitate successful transitions to Shannondale.

We're grateful for our Shannondale Sales Rockstars!

Shannondale Sales Training by Solinity Marketing for their Sales Rockstars
Shannondale Sales Playbooks created by Solinity Marketing for their Sales Training for Sales Rockstars

GEM Awards

The January GEM Award winner for the Knoxville campus is Blanche Pederson.

Blanche is a Receptionist at The Knoxville Health Care Center who works mostly evenings and weekends. Some of the wonderful comments we received about Blanche are as follows:

“Blanche is dedicated and dependable. She is always friendly to staff and visitors and does her work with a smile. Blanche is an inspiration to all of us.”
“Blanche is a wonderful and dedicated employee. She is great with residents, employees, and residents’ family members. Blanche loves Shannondale and her work performance reflects it.”

Blanche has been with Shannondale for 29 years, and by the way, Blanche is 94 years young!

Blanche Pederson

The January GEM Award winner for the Maryville campus is Jennifer Krueger.

Jen initially served as the Activities Director for our Knoxville Health Care Center from 2015 to 2017. She left for a few years and then “came back home” in 2021 to serve as the Lifestyles and Wellness Director for our Maryville campus.

Some of the compliments that Jen received are as follows:

“I have no doubt that she goes above and beyond her job description to take care of her staff and residents.”
“The best boss I have ever worked for and I have worked with LOTS of bosses.”
Jennifer Krueger

Please join us in congratulating Blanche and Jen on their GEM Awards.

Thank You For Your Support!

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